Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sunday 4 April 2010: I only just summoned the will to proceed a bit further this weekend after picking up a cold weekend before last. But the time has come to get this one done. Last week I received 40 feet of 8 oz. polyester fabric from George Dyson. He shipped the day after I had emailed the order on the basis of my word that the check was in the mail. It arrived USPS Priority Mail from Bellingham, WA, 2 days later. Outstanding service. I was expecting that to take a week or two. I unpacked the cloth and rolled it onto a section of 4 inch diameter PVC tubing to let the creases resulting from being folded, to relax.
Today is a beautiful day, I took the frame out on the deck and cleaned up the deck stringers. I also cut a small piece of cedar gunwale stock to place on top of the masik to lift the forward deck stringers a bit higher. I put a couple of oak pegs in the the top of the masik to lock it in place and glued it to the top of the masik with some Titebond III waterproof glue.

I lashed all the stringers down and then brushed tung oil on the frame. I may add a lashing here and there to the bow and stern plates, and redo one or two lashings. But I think this is more or less ready to be skinned.

Time to review the videos at skinboat skool:

Instructions at Cape Falcon Kayak:

And the relevant sections of Robert Morris's, Chris Cunningham's, Mark Starr's books on building skin-on-frame boats.

The bones are exhaling tung oil vapors this week and should be about ready for skin this coming weekend.

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