Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday 5 May 2010: The afternoon was sultry. I spent an hour or two out on the deck in the hot sun with a hot heat gun shrinking the fabric nice and tight. Perhaps I should have used an iron, but I have a heat gun that has pretty good temperature controls and decided to try that. I was quite conservative with it at first, not wanting to burn a hole or catch the house on fire or anything. So it took me a little while to get the proper temperature, and acquire a feel for the skin tightening under one hand, while I was aiming the gun at it using the other hand. I was concerned about opening up the pull holes again while tightening. And my concerns were justified. I also wasn't sure how tight I should make things. So I did enough to take out the wrinkles but didn't get carried away. It is tight, but not drum tight. Set it out in the yard to take some pictures of how things are before I start waterproofing.

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