Sunday, August 9, 2009

point of rocks

2009 08 09: A hot, still summer afternoon in early August. From the Mouth of Monocacy upriver to Point of Rocks and return. A day when it seems desirable to paddle in the shade whenever possible. The river is growing shallow and thick with grass. The current lazily resists upstream travelers.

The bridge over the Potomac at Point of Rocks from the upstream side. The river becomes rocky with swirling currents here. Many fisher persons and swimmers enjoy wading far out into the stream. The general ambiance is one of beer and pickup trucks.

It was farther upstream to Point of Rocks than I had estimated. Things were getting pretty dicey by the time I turned around. The return trip promised to be a desperate struggle for survival.


I stay well out in the center of the channel to be safely out of range of the poisoned darts of cannibal headhunters.

By the time I regained sight of the aquaduct at Mouth of Monocacy, I was suffering from the horrifying effects of starvation; paddling up to the landing by force of sheer will.  And quite likely coming within one thin Clif bar from having to resort to cannibalism!

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