Thursday, September 17, 2009

don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters...

A friend pointed this out to me today, and I was so shocked at the stupidity, I feel that the alarm must be raised! Go to Google Maps:

select 'Get directions'

A. Kensington, MD
B. Tokyo, Japan

take note of steps 29 and 45.

Now really, this is complete nonsense and insanity.

Any person who was not an utterly deranged suicidal maniac would obviously drive to Anchorage, Alaska. From there, kayak along the chain of Aleutian Islands crossing to Kamchatka. Then passing down the Kuril islands to Hokkaido and on to Tokyo. Though another option would be to drive to Fairbanks. Kayak down the Yukon river to the Bering Sea. Then paddle north and cross the Bering Strait to the Chukchi peninsula, and down through Kamchatka, Kurils to Hokkaido and then Tokyo from there.

Obviously, the exposed crossings of the Pacific Ocean given in the Google instructions are completely impractical and borderline dangerous!

No matter which of these routes you might choose, you would be well advised to take along a few fairly plump, corn-fed, paddling companions. Well muscled, but with just enough fat to provide for good marbling. Try to avoid any who might be diseased or have a bit of a gamy leg.

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