Monday, December 28, 2009

cutting the frames

Sunday 27 January 2009:  Saturday I begin to elaborate on the poster board frames. I puzzled over frame 4 a little, finally posting a question to the Kayak Building Forum just to be sure I wasn't missing something. Frame 4 is the frame just in front of the cockpit and the legs go through there. It is very small and claustrophobical in appearance. I had to check it four or five times. I redrew it with a rounded over upper span. It is still tight looking but I'll go with that. Yes this is indeed a tight fitting boat.

I placed the frames all within a 2 foot long section of an 8 foot sheet of 12 mm okuome. I could make three more boats from this one sheet at this rate.

I rough cut the frames from the big sheet with a sabre saw out on the saw dusty old patio. Lost a lot of snow from the backyard during the long rain Saturday and over 50 degree F temperatures today.  It's almost hard to remember what it looked like just last weekend. I brought the frames inside and finished the outline cuts on the bandsaw.

The pile of frames matched up with their poster board partners.

Outlines of all frames are now cut out. The next step is to drill starter holes and cut out the frame interiors. I also cut the lumber up for the strongback so that it is ready to be drilled and assembled. I'm still pondering frame 4. On the advice of Brian Scarborough, Bill Hamm and others on the KBB, I may try to build or replace the upper span of frame 4 to form a true masik. I have time to think about it -- I will use the lower part of the form regardless of  what I decide to do.

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