Monday, December 21, 2009

strongback materials, offsets, forms, ...

Sunday night -- Monday 21 December 2009: Winter solstice. DC closed down by storm. Took the offsets for the Yost sea Rider and started to layout the section outlines on posterboard. It is not necessary to lay them out separately like this, they can be done on one sheet. But I wanted to play with them and be able to lay them all out on the plywood sheet to be able to get the least amount of waste.

The first problem is that the offsets for  sea rider are given in factions of a foot. Kind of inconvenient? So I put the offsets into an Open Office spreadsheet and wrote a conversion to centimeters. Took me a few hours to lay these out, check the measurements twice, and carve them out. They are ready to layout on the plywood so that the rough outlines can be cut out with a saber saw.

Also stopped at the local Home Despot to pick up some more rough lumber to build the strongback.

The Greenland paddle blank I roughed out last weekend is still waiting to be carved. Drew center lines on a clear spruce 2 x 4 last night that should make a nice short, wind paddle.

Having been trapped in my home by the Blizzard of 2009 the last two days, like the Donner party, I can say that it was a close shave that I was able to get out today for provisions. The cats and I had been circling one another warily. But we made it through by the skin of our teeth, and it was not necessary to resort to cannibalism to survive the Great Blizzard of 0ught-Nine.

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