Saturday, January 2, 2010

cutting and gluing scarf joints

Saturday 2 January 2010: I stopped at HD after class this morning and picked up materials to complete the scarfing jig and a support stand. I also found red oak 2x4, 7 feet long that I think I can rip into strips for laminating a masik for the top of frame 4. Finished the scarfing jig and spent some time staring at it to determine whether I trusted it to be safe enough to do the job without losing fingers, eyeballs or other useful parts. I decide it looks ok. I picked up a small scrap of red oak 1x4 and cut a fingerboard to clamp the stock vertically. Ran a test on a piece of scrap and it looks good so I went for it. Cut pretty good, clean scarfs for gunwales, keelson and chines.

Layed everything out, and wrapped it up in plastic sheeting to keep from gluing together things that should not be glued together. I mixed up some epoxy with cabosil thickener, slathered up the joints, lined everything up nice and straight and clamped it down.


Tomorrow, I should be ready to fool around setting up the frames and will be able to get an idea of exactly how kayaky this thing will look. It takes some imagination to see it right now.

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