Monday, January 18, 2010

on sanding...

Monday 18 January 2010: Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King. Being preoccupied with ancillary activities this long weekend, I manage to get very little done. However today, being a beautiful, warm January day, I indulged in some light recreational sanding. Sanding is fun. Sanding is fun. Sanding is ... wOw ... kind of like rough sculpture with wood. I am making a smell like the inside of a giant pencil factory and the sun is warm so, Vitamin D. I knock off all the planing and saw marks and round over  and smooth all the stringers.

I briefly string things together to look them over but then break it down so that I can seal the edges of the frames with epoxy that I had rounded over on the router table last weekend. These pieces are about finished. On to the stem plates, masik, floorboards and cockpit coaming.

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