Sunday, January 3, 2010

strongback stations, looking sorta kayaky

Sunday 3 January 2010: I cleaned up the epoxy squeeze-out this morning with a surform while it was still a little green. Worked on it a little later with 80 grit paper on a sanding block. I layed out the strongback station on posterboard then drilled the required holes, rough cut the outlines on the table saw, and finished it up on the bandsaw. Marked off all the station and frame locations on the strongback on blue painters tape and screwed the stations down.

Got carried away and wanted to see something kayaky looking so I started attaching the gunwales, keel and chines to the frames with bungy cords.

It was around this point that I remembered that I still needed to carve out the slots for the rear deck stringers in frames 5 and 6, and seal all the frames with epoxy. So I took this apart, looked good while it lasted, marked and cut the deck stringer slots, whipped up a couple batches of epoxy and put a seal coat on all the frames.

I may put another seal coat on the edges tomorrow evening depending on how much epoxy was soaked up by the edge grain. Then the frame should be ready to assemble and lash on the strongback.

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