Sunday, February 7, 2010

cutting the stem plates

sunday 7 february 2010: By last night I had finished lashing all the frame to stringer connections I can access without removing the frame from the strongback. So today I began to tackle cutting and shaping the bow and stern plates. I cut a strip 6 inches wide across the width of my sheet of 12 mm okuome and roughed out the basic outlines, cut the plates out on the bandsaw did final fitting. I drew the outlines of the chines and gunwales onto the plates and then marked and drilled holes for the lashings. The holes are all 1/4 inch.

I drilled shallow holes into the keelson and plate bottoms to accept 1/4 inch oak dowels to lock the alignment of the plates to the keelson when the lashings are pulled tight.

After rounding over all the sharp edges on the router table, I lightly sanded the plates and then sealed them in epoxy. I think next time, I'll just skip the epoxy seal of the plywood pieces and just oil them along with the rest of the frame.

It only stopped snowing around sunset Saturday after dropping about 24 inches of heavy, wet snow. So I also spent about 4 hours  today removing what must have been a couple of tons of snow from the street in front of my house along with digging out and clearing katinka, though ain't nobody going nowhere right now given the road conditions.

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