Saturday, February 20, 2010

installing the masik

Saturday 20 February 2010: By Friday night, I had developed a theory about how to replace the top of frame 4 with the steam-bent masik. I cut away the top of the frame with a Japanese saw and drilled holes near the top of the remaining section of frame 4.

I filed shallow grooves into the top of the gunwales so that lashings would not stand proud there because I want the masik to attach with a rabbet over the top of the gunwale. Then I re-lashed the frame to the gunwales using the holes I had drilled in frame 4.

I cut rabbets into the end of the masik, and then chiseled a groove to lock over the top of frame 4.

I drilled two holes trhough from the top of the masik at each end to accept lashing and lashed it down to the gunwales. It was a little tricky to figure out a way to lash these joints. I didn't want to drill holes in the gunwales, and that little section of frame 4 on one side tends to get in the way of some of the more obvious lashing patterns. But this seems quite solid the way it is and looks like it will do. I could peg the masik into the gunwales but I think this is strong enough.

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