Wednesday, February 10, 2010

steam box -- she goes belly up

Wednesday 10 February 2010: It's Wednesday, white-out blizzard conditions outside this morning and the government is still closed. If it keeps up, it'll likely be closed tomorrow too. Good day to make some steam. Hooked a Wagner power steamer, used to remove wallpaper, to the foam steambox and put two 23 inch long strips of red oak in there to soak. After 30 minutes they were still too stiff and I was wondering if this was going to work at all. I put them back in for another half hour, and then they grudgingly bent.

I expect there will be some spring back when this is released so the curve is bent past what will be required. I'll have some idea tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the day staring at the bow plate, lashing and fiddling with it an just couldn't feel happy. It is pegged now, and I don't like the alignment. I finally decided that the laser was just in the way, and I want to be able to really see the keel line. Since everything is mostly lashed now, I detached the frame from the strongback and turned it over.

Eyeballing things with and without the laser, I decide that I'm going to cut the bow apart and try again tomorrow. I think the reason the stern came out so much better is that the stupid laser was not in the way. I could move around and eyeball the lines carefully while I lashed things down. On the bow, the laser just gets in the way.

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