Saturday, February 20, 2010

straightening things out?

Saturday 20 February 2010: Tuesday and Wednesday, with the frame off the strongback and resting between two sawhorses, I eyeballed it from various perspectives and bent and twisted it a little between the sawhorses to tweak the alignment. It looks pretty fair and straight after that. In hindsight, it would have been better to have done this before I pegged the gunwales to the stem plates. But is seems possible, by gentle pressure on the frame at the right angles, to be able to adjust the way the lashings sit slightly. Or maybe the frame was just already straighter than I had been thinking? At any rate, it seems to me that a good strategy for winding and alignment might be to lash things up on the strongback as carefully as possible. But then take it out, turn it over, sight down the keelson, push it and twist it and adust it until it lies just so; and then peg the gunwales to lock it down tight.

I've been staring hard at frame 4 over the last week trying to visualize how to attach the masik and whether to cut to top of the frame away to do it.

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